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Gogi (Chhokar)


As far back as I can remember Gogi has always had a way of But zithromax online without a prescription manipulating sound. Many a day he spent chillin in his Ford Capri tweaking the treble, mids, and bass on old Giles Peterson tapes recorded from Radio 1!!

This soon evolved into a lust for electronic music and Lowest price viagra he soon took to mixing on his first set of 1200 decks in the "Sunnyvale studios" in Northampton UK.


Much like Giles, Gogi's musical tastes run the gauntlet, blending an eclectic mix of jazz, Online viagra house, jungle, and world beats. He works tirelessly on Cheap viagra canada combining these different sounds into something organic and wholly different, which conveys an overall feeling to Order generic levitra a listener. When venturing out to listen to Gogi, you’re more likely to think "I feel good" instead of "that was a good set", which is representative of Gogi as a musician.


Amalgamating disparate sounds, always looking for new music, and never being afraid to put any two tracks together – this is what sets Gogi Chhokar apart from the masses and mould his.

July 2015

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