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Drunken Monkey New Release

Sleevin Records proudly presents the Controlled Manner ep feat. Drunken Monkey and Viagra for sale uk SIMO. Record Release Party this saturday 19th July at Shine. for details.

Dee Jays- Jive , Lud Dub and SIMO

 Come early to Buy propecia online get your Jive FiX because he plans to warm up the floor and set things up proper for this month's guests.  Get ready for Order clomid some of the deepest dub stylin' you've ever heard because Lud is bringing those low freqs that cause the Buy xenical cheap straightest hairs to go dread.  SIMO will be dropin' the latest naughty tracks straight outa tha lab with the latest release "Controlled Manner". Drunken Monkey will be in the house and signing copies of the CD!!!!! :)

Out July 25th at all quality stores! More info soon

Shine 1337 Mission St , San Francisco 

9pm til 2pm ( then head to THE SHOW at the end up!!!!)

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